Giggles In The Snow


As much of a giggle to stitch as it is to give, this newest design by Nora Corbett for Mirabilia is an ode to those euphoric winter days when children dress themselves in layer upon crazy-quilt layer, pull on mommy-made mittens and scarves, and flaunt collars and cuffs embroidered by doting aunts and grandmas.
Stitch the little boy, the little girl, or stitch them both to hang together. Whichever you choose, it’s certain that the one having the most fun in the crystal-beaded snow will be you!

Required materials
Stitched on 32 count White linen from Wichelt or Zweigart. Each design's area is 8 ¹ " x 9 ¸" with a stitch count of 130 x 150.
Beads and specialty materials needed
Beads by Mill Hill
00168 - Glass Seed Bead
02017 - Glass Seed Bead

Summer Queen


The stunning companion to Nora Corbett’s “Winter Queen”, the new “Summer Queen” also commands admiration all on her own. From the top of her golden chignon to the tip of her graceful writing plume to the hem of her heavy satin Tiffany-blue gown, she is a symbol of all that is glorious and perfect. Just like summer.

Winter Queen


Regal in pale periwinkle blue satin against a serene white background, this cool beauty’s upswept hair is adorned with purple violets beneath a beaded coronet. Whisper-white ermine trims her elegantly draped gown, and strands of blue beads lend an opulent touch to her hem. If you find beauty in a clear, quiet, blue-skied January day, you’ll love our Winter Queen.

Stitched on 32 count White Linen by Wichelt Imports (2 over 2 ).
Design area is 11 (1/4) x 17 (3/4). Stitch count is 179 x 282.
Beads and specialty materials needed
Kreinik Metallic Thread
Mill Hill Beads
00146 Glass Seed Bead
02026 Glass Seed Bead
40479 Petite Glass Bead
42010 Petite Glass Bead
Rainbow Gallery Thread
Wisper White