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English Roses


Silk ribbon roses, beaded leaves and softly falling rose petals surround this profile of a Victorian woman lost in private thoughts. Her gown of pale purple crystal beads is accented by an elaborate circle of pale pink roses in her hair. So beautiful, so mysterious, it’s hard to believe she’ll be alone with her thoughts for long.

Stitched on 32 count Desert Sand linen by Wichelt Imports (2 over 2 ).
Design area is 6 (1/2) x 10 (1/2) inches. Stitch count is 103 x 165.
Beads and specialty materials needed
Kreinik Metallic Threads
Mill Hill Beads
00168 Glass Seed Bead
00553 Glass Seed Bead
03035 Antique Glass Bead
05202 Glass Pebbled Bead
Y.L.I. Silk Ribbon

Winter Queen


Regal in pale periwinkle blue satin against a serene white background, this cool beauty’s upswept hair is adorned with purple violets beneath a beaded coronet. Whisper-white ermine trims her elegantly draped gown, and strands of blue beads lend an opulent touch to her hem. If you find beauty in a clear, quiet, blue-skied January day, you’ll love our Winter Queen.

Stitched on 32 count White Linen by Wichelt Imports (2 over 2 ).
Design area is 11 (1/4) x 17 (3/4). Stitch count is 179 x 282.
Beads and specialty materials needed
Kreinik Metallic Thread
Mill Hill Beads
00146 Glass Seed Bead
02026 Glass Seed Bead
40479 Petite Glass Bead
42010 Petite Glass Bead
Rainbow Gallery Thread
Wisper White

Fairy Flora


Sprightly and lithe, the tiniest of forest fairies flits among dew-covered flowers and berries. Barely bigger than a blossom herself, her dress is fashioned from fresh lavender petals, her wings from silvery cobweb silk, and her magic wand from a single falling star. Take care or you’re sure to fall under her magical spell with the first turn of your needle.

Stitched on 32 count Barnwood Linen By Wichelt Imports (2 over 2).
Design area is 8 x 20 inches. Stitch count is 126 x 320. DMC floss used.
Beads and specialty materials needed
Beads By Mill Hill
70161 Small Bugle Bead
Kreinik Balger Blending Filament